Experience, they say, is the best teacher and I can be said to have been thoroughly tutored during my little course of study in this epic school called Life.
That being said, it isn't far-fetched to attest to the fact that I have indeed had a fair share of my own lessons as well as the trials, set-backs and rewards that come with it accordingly.

    Looking back at what I was— or rather, could have been before 26th of May, 1995 makes me wonder what life would have looked like if I was totally excused to a lacuna of solitude; all by myself with absolutely no one to bug me at all. Free. Independent. And in total oblivion to the absurdities of life. Mum's womb was a perfect definition of absolute tranquility until the gates to life swung open and the welcoming bells rang loud ushering me into a whole new dimension of what my very own existence meant.

    Life is good nonetheless. Twenty-one years is more than enough time for me to see for myself. It was actually worth coming to, I must say, and I'd do that over again if I had the power to. I'm indeed thankful for my coming into existence and today being the 21st anniversary of my setting foot on planet earth, here are the solid and cogent lessons life taught me:

Credit: Observationdeck.kinja.com