Hate Blogging? Some Legitimate Online Jobs For You (Part 1)

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I guess you stumbled across this page probably searching for alternatives to Blogging in the online money making stream and even though every cranny you turn to, every Tom, Dick and Harry just seems to tilt towards this trend. You've probably heard of the likes of Michael Arrington, Pete Cashmore or Linda Ikeji and the mouth-watering amount of money they usher into their Bank acounts every now and then and without hesitation, you are forced to conclude that Blogging is the one stop shop for making money online.

Well, that's absolutely wrong. There are a lot of things to do online that will keep you smiling to the bank repeatedly.

Below are five things you could do online aside Blogging that would fetch you a reasonable amount of money:

1) Writing Articles:

A real, convenient way to earn money online aside blogging is article writing.

Do you have a passion and skill for writing?

You understand English, don't you?

Why not turn such an asset into cash and make a good living out of it?

Article composing should be possible either for reviewing a thing or for a web diary and so forth. What you need to do is finding a person who's looking for article writer for a specific subject that you can compose on. For instance, an organization or an individual could be looking for a writer to compose on a subject "Terrorism: It's Effect on Mankind" or something similar and if you are knowledgeable on that field, you could simply change over your insight into money.
Credit: MakingDifferent.com

You may be thinking about how to discover individuals with jobs for you? Here is what you can do:-

  • Join Freelance Websites like Elance, ODesk, Truelancer, e.t.c. and sign up as a Freelancer or Worker. You will get paid to Write articles and do other stuffs like Logo Designing, App development, Proof-reading, Translating, and many more

2) Freelance Services at Fiverr:

Fiverr is a standout amongst the most famous platforms dedicated to the individuals who have some skills and will get paid for every administration they give. You can earn no less than 5$ for every service you give at Fiverr. There are numerous services you can give, for example, article writing, realistic/logo/standard planning, interpretation, discourse and many more to get paid. So if by any chance you are gifted in any field then Fiverr is a spot for you.

3) Selling Domain Names:

Selling of Domain names is another money maker for onliners. There are coupons provided by Domain Registrars which could get you domains for as low as $0.99 which you can sell for as much as $12.99 dollar; that's $12 profit for you per sell. Imagine selling to 10 people per day, that's $120 dollar profit to your pocket. Quite cool, isn't it?

Google-search for Domain coupons to get updated with the latest coupons... (Note: Coupons have a limited number of times they can be used)

4) The Middleman:

Are you on social media? Do you have a cool number of friends or followers?

If yes, it is my pleasure to announce to you that you have been sitting on a pot of gold.

How did I make my first money online? Simple.

I liaise between a purchaser (or various purchasers) and a seller and after that demonstration like I'm the merchant. I charge the purchasers just about (if not more than) the measure of cash the dealer initially plans to offer his product or service. TAt that point I act like the purchaser to the seller. When I've wrapped everything up with the purchasers and the vender, I then "purchase" the product/service from the seller and "sell" to the buyers and keep whatever profit I make. Do the Maths.

5) Make Money transcribing sound to message 

There are numerous features or sounds writers need transcribers to record everything that is there on a feature or a sound. If by any chance you are fluent in English, there are numerous transcriber employments online which you can apply and make money from. The accompanying are a portion of the destinations which are putting forth transcriber occupations. The following are some of the sites which are offering transcriber jobs.

  • Transcribeme
  • Gettranscribed
  • typists.quicktate.com
  • Tigerfish.com
There are such a large number of approaches to bring home the bacon on the web. Blogging is only a chip out of the icy mass. Try not to confine your potential. There affiliate marketers, Freelancers, Middlemen and Retailers who are ushering lots of money their Bank accounts and you are no exception.

In the last arrival of this instructional exercise, we will talk about all the more on Affiliate Marketing and how to earn such a great amount of cash from it.

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