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I guess you stumbled across this page probably searching for alternatives to Blogging in the online money making stream and even though every cranny you turn to, every Tom, Dick and Harry just seems to tilt towards this trend. You've probably heard of the likes of Michael Arrington, Pete Cashmore or Linda Ikeji and the mouth-watering amount of money they usher into their Bank acounts every now and then and without hesitation, you are forced to conclude that Blogging is the one stop shop for making money online.

Well, that's absolutely wrong. There are a lot of things to do online that will keep you smiling to the bank repeatedly.

Below are five things you could do online aside Blogging that would fetch you a reasonable amount of money:

1) Writing Articles:

A real, convenient way to earn money online aside blogging is article writing.

Do you have a passion and skill for writing?

You understand English, don't you?

Why not turn such an asset into cash and make a good living out of it?

Article composing should be possible either for reviewing a thing or for a web diary and so forth. What you need to do is finding a person who's looking for article writer for a specific subject that you can compose on. For instance, an organization or an individual could be looking for a writer to compose on a subject "Terrorism: It's Effect on Mankind" or something similar and if you are knowledgeable on that field, you could simply change over your insight into money.

You may be thinking about how to discover individuals with jobs for you? Here is what you can do:-